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Yesterday, I decided to put a quote on the weekly pages of my planner for the next year. I figured it would be a great way to reflect and have a weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. Today, I figured why not share monthly quotes on my blog. So every first Friday of each month I will be sharing a quote with my interpretation of the meaning and/or how it affects my life.


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“No beauty shines brighter, than that of a good heart.”

To me nothing is more beautiful than a person with a good, kind, and generous heart. A person who is thoughtful to others needs/wants and is more concerned with the well being of others. In my eyes, a person with these characteristics is more beautiful than someone who is self-centered.

Everyday, I try to treat people with respect and compassion regardless of how they treat me. I try not to judge others for their mistakes, because we all make them. In life the lesson is to grow and learn from those mistakes we make. I am nowhere near perfect and who am I to expect perfection from others.

 How people treat one another is taught at a young age. The lesson in treating others how you want to be treated instead of how you are being treated is lost. We adapt to the way of our upbringing and we become a product of our environments. In many instances we don’t realize that we have the power of will to change and do what’s right, so we typically become subjugated to our own way of thinking.

As we embark on this New Year, I encourage everyone to create resolutions to seek personal growth. Think about how your past has affected you, think about things you can change, and think about things you would do different; finances, spiritual, self growth. How will you change these things in your life for the better?

 Maybe all of these things can’t be accomplished in 2015, but making this year a new start is an accomplishment in itself.

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