A Stronger Me

A Stronger Me: 

How I Feel Living Faraway From Friends and Family


The most common questions people ask me are “Do you miss America?” and “How do you handle being so far away from your loved ones?” My response is always simply “ Yes I do, but it isn’t that bad, I push forward and remind myself I will be home soon.” In reality, it’s not that simple! I miss my family, friends, and my beloved America terribly. Being six …seven …and nine hours ahead is arduous. I am missing birthdays, holidays, American cuisine and culture.


Luckily I haven’t had those heart retching and numbness moments of homesickness, but there are days when I do get lonely and all I want to do is hug my mom or go out for a drink or two with friends. I honestly think what has saved me from having those moments was me telling myself “It’s only temporary, nothing is truly permanent. You will be back.”

Deep down I know my heartaches and lone to be reunited with my friends and family. Fall is coming up and the close and closer I get to the start of football season, my birthday, and holidays like (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) it is getting harder and harder for me to convince myself that I’m okay and that my dreams are enough to push me through these moments. Recently I have felt like I am constantly convincing myself that it’s no big deal you have plenty of time to do those things later…but do I? I mean you never get that missed time or moments back!

When I do share my heartache with friends and family it gets matched with “It’s okay, you will make so many new friends.” I do but all of the friends I have made are on a timeline. They come to Italy for holiday and then they go back to their loved ones. It’s this continuous cycle of getting happy to meet someone new, creating a bond, then having to say goodbye…I am tired of saying goodbye!

A Stronger Me: 

How I Cope with Living Faraway From Friends and Family


It is seriously the worst feeling. A horrendous reminder that time has once again run out and it’s time to start over. I feel like I’m circling around a wooden wheel. I’m on top and happy to meet someone new then I am on the bottom saying farewells. When will this cycle stop? Will it ever?

No, it won’t! Because that is life! One minute you are up and the next you are down. You win some you lose some. Meeting new people is never a bad thing. It is good to meet new people as I feel it opens a world of new opportunities.

Don’t get me wrong I am proud of myself for taking this leap of faith in pursuing my dreams. I am proud that I not only had the dream to want to move to another country but also had the courage to move halfway across the world. Each day is a step towards me becoming the woman I always wanted to be. I think that is honestly what gets me through those somber times. Knowing that I am here for one reason…to better myself. I came to Italy to improve my Italian so that I can get into my dream master program and one-day start my own company.

Through this journey, I have learned so much about myself, this world, and the people that fill it. I have met so many different people from many different countries, each with their own story and perceptive on life. I have so much increased knowledge from meeting these new people. Being here has changed me and I have a better understanding of life. My time here has made me a more stronger, independent, and wiser woman who has become more appreciative for the people in my life (new and old), my country, and my time here. Although I miss my loved ones and America so much I know that when I return I will be a better woman than when I left.


Have you ever felt this way? How did you cope?

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