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Fashion month is officially over and I so excited to share this amazing experience with you. When booking my trip to Milan a few months prior, I never expected to actually be able to see a show…let alone TWO, but with a little luck and a chance encounter my dreams came true.

The trip had its few mishaps, starting with me missing my train that morning. Medium story short, I was running late and exhausted from returning home late the night before (there was a holiday celebration in Salerno), so I was moving like a slow zombie in the beginning. When I realized I only had 20 minutes to get to the station…I sprinted…and made it. However, like a half awoke person without coffee my mind wasn’t thinking and when I heard final call to board my train, I continued to walk to my couch on the outside instead of hopping on and walking inside the train. Anyway, it all worked out! I purchased a ticket for the next train to Milan that was luckily only 20 minutes behind my original.

After arriving I met, for the first time, Robin Green (who works for a digital magazine)– We were introduced through a mutual friend (Hey! Kalah!)–, at the Nike store in Milan where they were showing the new off-white collection. After we left the store we headed to our AirBnb, and started preparing for our first fashion show: the Vionnet Show…


Friday, September 22, 2017

The show was located at the beautiful Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, home of Leonardo Da Vinci’s the Last Supper. The fashion house was the first ever to take place there. The runway was filled with long gowns in cool tones of aqua, silver, navy, teal, and ivory that were beautifully draped and inspired by Japanese embroidered silks and floral motifs. The natural look and the bold distinctive eyebrows of the model complemented the looks.

It was such an unbelievable experience being able to be backstage with all the models, makeup artists, photographers and videographers, and production crew. As a little girl, I always wanted to attend a fashion show and right now I feel so blessed that this dream came true. What made the event sweeter was that we both were able to sit in the front row and because of this I was able to see each beautifully created garment presented down the runway up close and personal.  I’m pretty sure a few tears escaped haha!

Photos Were Taken in Collaboration with Robin Green

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