Starting the New Year Right

2018 has been here for about 23 days now. Over these days I really wanted to take the time to reflect and plan out my goals for the New Year. Although this post is long overdue, today I am sharing some of my goals for the new year.


Health/Fitness: This year I really want to focus on eating healthy. I want this journey to be more of a lifestyle change, instead of taking part in a crash diet. My main goal is to be more conscious of what I am putting into my body. I want to minimize my fatty and greasy foods and replace them with more fruits and vegetables. I have noticed that when I have done this in the past, I really saw results…that actually lasted.  As far as fitness, I’m pretty content with my body, I just want to tone my muscles. About two years ago, my parents purchased an at home Pilates reformer around the time I was getting certified to teach Pilates. Now that I am back home, I try to complete an hour workout almost every day and go for a light jog when the weather permits.


Friendships: While living in Italy, I was forced to work on my TLC with my friends. I did surprisingly well staying in contact with them while being abroad, despite the seven or nine-hour difference. Since my closest friends and I are all over the place, I want to continue to connect and build our friendships. I feel this effort will keep the friendship going strong. I have already traveled to visit one of my closest friends and plan on visiting the others very soon.

Networking: Now that I have graduated university, moved back to the United States, and work remotely from my at home desktop, I have the freedom to travel to new places and to meet new people. This new flexibility allows me to be able to attend conferences and other networking opportunities that I’ve wanted to participate in the past but didn’t have the time or flexibility to do so. I have already connected with my sorority’s St. Louis Alumnae chapter and attended my first event last weekend. It is always so nice meeting new sisters, especially since you already share the love for your sorority and philanthropy. It makes conversing and connecting a little easier in my opinion. At the end of February, I will be attending the Create + Cultivate LA Conference. After years of following this company and their conferences, I am so ecstatic to be taking part in one of their conferences. I have heard so many great stories and inspiring messages from women who have attended their conferences in the past. If anyone has any other suggestions of conferences or groups to join, please let me know in the comment section.


Travel: Last year, traveling became a huge part of my life and I want to continue that momentum into the new year. I currently am scheduled to travel to four international countries this year for work. I have never been to three of them and can’t wait to start and share those travels with you. For the new year, I want to travel more domestically as well. I really want to travel back to California and spend time in Palm Springs and take a road trip from Monterey Bay to Big Sur, stopping to visit and explore Camel-By-The-Sea.


Glam R Me: I started my blog in late 2014 and it wasn’t until August of last year that I really was inspired and had the time and finances to create and develop content for it full-time. A lot of the second half of last year was reflecting and strategic planning what I wanted my blog to be and how I wanted to achieve my goals. Throughout the reflecting process, I went back to my blog’s roots and remembered that I started my blog because I wanted women to discover a sense of glamour and allure in the items they choose to express themselves and in the terms they live their life by. I wanted to remind my readers that having a beautiful and charming life doesn’t mean you have to be super wealthy, model thin, and drop-dead gorgeous. You have to just be YOU! I want to really implement those goals and values by creating consistent content that I know my readers will love, identify with, and be inspired to live a glamorous life on their own terms. Although fashion is what I am very passionate about I want my posts to be more than just what I am wearing, I want them to be more about what I am doing in those clothes. Where am I going? Am I going to a work meeting? Am I hiking up a mountain to catch the sunset? Who am I meeting? Am I meeting my friends at our favorite happy hour location? I think it’s important for my readers to not only see what I am wearing but read what I am actually doing in my outfits as a means to highlight the functionality and wearability of my looks while still inspiring them to do lifestyle things. My second biggest goal is to add more content depth to other categories of the blog like Beauty, Fitness, Cravings, Travel, and Discussions. Life is fun, Life is full of challenges and obstacles, and I want to share my stories and experiences with my readers. I want to also bring back the popular post categories of Monthly Must Haves and Monthly Dose


GRM Creative: In 2018, I want to focus on my clients in effectively assisting them in growing their businesses. This new business means more time management and planning to make sure my small team and I meet all deadlines. This is my second and newest business venture that I am excited to share more about in tomorrow’s blog post.

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